Bespoke Design, Photometric Luminance Level Plotting, Architecturally Specific Data Plotting
Bespoke Design

The range of BCS LED lights all started as bespoke items designed for a specific job. As the lights are developed they are then added to the range. BCS specialize in lighting areas that standard light fittings can’t achieve. We have lights that work in temperatures between -40ºC and +60ºC. Lights that are designed to illuminate only the floor in tunnels etc. If you want a standard product or a non standard customized product we will look at it and come up with a design.

Photometric Luminance Level Plotting

Each light we design has its photometric luminance plotted. BCS has a dark room where it can record luminance levels of any light. If you have an existing light that you want to convert to LED we can use the data recorded to match the two lights. This way before you fit the light we know the LED version will be the same (or better in most cases) as the original.

Architecturally Specific Data Plotting

As well as having facilities to plot the photometric luminance. We also have the software capability to insert these results into a computer that will simulate the installation proposed. This then shows the light levels to expect before we install any lights.